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Artist of the Month — Ann Thornycroft
Ann Thornycroft

Ann Thornycroft — Nature has played an important role in Ann Thornycroft’s life. Born and raised in the English countryside where poppies grow wild, Ann was surrounded by the cycles of nature, and her awareness of the interconnectedness of the seen and unseen, above ground and below ground took root in her childhood. The effects of those early influences remained intact and have figured in her artwork to this day.  While the role of nature has evolved over the course of her artistic career, her practice generally, contrarily, includes solid architectural foundation. For many years, she has employed the grid as a jumping off point for investigations of nature-based forms. This dichotomy has long been a driving force behind her work.

However, in this body of work, titled Poppies, Ann lets go of the grid and paints a “…totally spontaneous response to the flowers,” Ann states , “I can't explain more about the way this large Poppy came about for me… except I had the big paper and was working with some other pieces and then this one appeared!”  Regardless of your perception, it is clear that light, color, space, movement and order are at the core of Thornycroft’s aesthetic vision.

Educated at the Central School of Art, London and Chelsea School of Art, London in the 1960′s, Ann Thornycroft moved to New York City in 1969 and worked in several art related jobs while pursuing her painting.  In 1972 she moved to Venice CA and in 1982 earned a prestigious fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts.  Ann has exhibited nationally and internationally and her work is owned by public and private collectors worldwide.   If you would like to arrange a studio visit, please contact us.  Image:  Poppies, 2006, acrylic on washi paper, 38"h x 56"w – Courtesy:  Ann Thornycroft. 


Art News


A Masterpiece Hidden at Ritz Paris Sold to The MET for $1.9M

A Masterpiece Hidden at Ritz Paris Sold to The MET for $1.9M

Charles Le Brun Fecit, The Sacrifice of Polyxena, 1647. Courtesy WSJ

Paris - How a painting that dates to 1647 landed in an otherwise unremarkable repository of hotel decorations is unclear. Even more surprising, the work had never before been documented and was unknown to art historians.  Hidden in plain sight, the gorgeous oil on canvas adorned one of the suites in which Coco Chanel lived for more than 30 years but when it was installed remains a mystery.   Now, the long-overlooked Charles Le Brun canvas will take its place at The MET.  The $1.9M sale proceeds will go to the Dodi Fayed International Charitable Foundation, established by the Ritz's owner, Mohamed Al Fayed, whose son was killed with Princess Diana in a 1997 car crash.  MORE


Dublin Museum Rhino Heist: Horns Destined for Asian Folk Medicine 

Dublin Museum Rhino Heist: Horns Destined for Asian Folk Medicine

Eight horns black market value $650,000.  
Courtesy Huffington Post

Dublin - A gang of three masked thieves stormed the National Museum Archives building in Dublin, tied up a security guard, snatched four rhino heads and drove away  - a heist being linked to an Irish Gypsy gang that specializes in such raids across Europe.   The thieves are expected to try to sell the horns in Asia. Three of the five species of rhinoceros in Africa and South Asia have been hunted to the verge of extinction because their horns command exceptionally high prices for use in traditional Asian medicine.   The horns are made of keratin, a fibrous protein that is the building block for skin and hair.  The powdered horn is marketed as an aphrodisiac and even as a cure for cancer.  MORE  


Cover Up Those “Scandalous” Greek Antiquities!  

Qatar says cover up those statues

Statues donated by Greece to an exhibition in Doha "Olympic Games: Past Present"

Greece / Qatar - A bridge-building cultural exchange between Greece and Qatar went awry thanks to two "scandalous" Greek statues depicting famous young athletes of Eleusis.  Greece withdrew the antiquities that date to the 6th and 2nd centuries BC from an Olympic Games exhibition in Qatar after Islamic officials insisted on covering the male genitals.  A culture ministry disclosed, "Organizers in Qatar wanted to cover up the statues' members with black cloth.  So they were never put on display.”  The exposure of genitals was considered an insult to the strict customs of Qatar.  When Greece rejected the idea of covers, the organizers hid the statues leading Greece to order their return.  MORE


Photo of the Month - World's Tallest Statue: Pope John Paul II   

World's Tallest statue of Pope John Paul II in Poland

45ft statue of John Paul II in Poland   
Courtesy UK Daily

Czestochowa, Poland - The 13.8-meter (45.3-foot) white fiberglass figure towers over the southern Polish city of Czestochowa, home to the predominantly Catholic country's most important pilgrimage site, the Jasna Gora monastery.  Funded by private investor Leszek Lyson called the pope "a great and good man who has done a lot for the world: ended communism and opened borders in Europe, reached out to people in his pilgrimages around the world."  The unveiling ceremony marked the three year anniversary since Pope John Paul II saved Lyson’s son from drowning and is a sign of thanks from the donor.  Lyson stated,  “the statue should make everyone stop and think about life."   MORE


Holocaust Looted Art Case Against Hungary Proceeds 

Holocaust Looted Art Case Against Hungary Proceeds

Herzog's study in Budapest with art currently valued at $100M. Courtesy Bloomberg

Washington - The U.S. Court of Appeals issued a decision to allow a lawsuit filed against Hungary, three of its state-owned museums, and one state-owned university for artworks looted from the Herzog family during the Holocaust, to proceed.  In 2010, Herzog's great-grandson David de Csepel led his family in suing Hungary for the return of more than 40 artworks valued at $100M. The family argued that they could sue Hungary under exceptions provided by the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act.  “This ruling brings us one step closer to restoring what was lost to my aunt and her family and has been held hostage by the government of Hungary for more than half a century,” stated Csepel.  MORE


MOCA hits $75M Mark, Nearing Endowment Goal 

MOCA hits $75M Mark, Nearing Endowment Goal

Banksy at MOCA   
Courtesy LA Times

Los Angeles, CA - Storming back from its brush with financial insolvency earlier this year, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles has announced that it has raised over $50 Million in the past month, bringing its total endowment past $75 Million.  The new contributions come from a number of prominent names, including new board member Bruce Karatz, Jeffrey Soros, and Eli Broad. MOCA's board co-chair Maria Bell stated, “The pledges show a vote of confidence for the institution and its recent decision to remain independent.  I think it's incredible to see this deep support for MOCA.  It's an extraordinary sign of how much people care about the institution."  MORE

TKOart Projects
Hollywood Hiils Residence Metropolitan Home  

Hollywood Hills Residence

Featured in Metropolitan Home

TKO placed both permanent and temporary artwork in this historical Hollywood Hills home. Working with interior designer Mark Cutler, TKO presented a diverse selection of artwork that best suited the design and clients’ tastes.

When Metropolitan Home decided to feature the project as their “Home of the Month” they hired renowned architectural photographer Tim Street Porter to shoot the house. We were asked to bring additional art options to augment the existing collection for the photo shoot. It is amazing how much goes into photographing a house at this level – it was a treat to be a part of the talented and incredible team. We had a great time providing amazing art for a spectacular project.

Fox Sports  

Fox Sports Green Room
20th Century Fox Studios, Century City

Fox Sports internally refers to this room as the “Avocado Room”.

TKOart worked with Fox’s design team to create a cohesive yet diverse art package that traces the history of key talent and historical Fox Sports moments.

Heyday portrait paintings of their on-air talent were combined with current highlights for the main gathering area. The individual dressing rooms are adorned with “best of” montages that trace the careers of their celebrity sportscasters. This project is always ongoing as Fox Sports aims to keep the space fresh and relevant. We look forward to the next change!



Mountain Top Retreat  

Mountain Top Retreat
Design, Creation and Curation 

We are nearing the end of this fabulous project. This beautiful home is perched atop a mountain with breath taking views of rolling hills and the ocean in the distance. Most everything in this house has an artistic flair to it and is custom designed and fabricated specifically for the space.

From custom carved rugs, to sculpture masquerading as furniture, to playful light fixtures, this property is a feast for the eyes. And, aaahh the art! This client loves art and has embraced it in all aspects of her life. Her businesses sizzle with art from top to bottom and her passion for collecting is contagious. We have had an incredible time working on this inspiring project with this amazing client – Thank you!





Notable Art Fairs and Events
  Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale

Impressionist & Modern Art Sale

Session:  May 7, 2013 – 7:00 PM

1334 York Avenue 
New York 10021

T:  212.606.7000
W: Event Website

  Art Basel Hong Kong 2013

Art Basel Hong Kong 

May 23 – 26, 2013

1 Harbour Road, Wanchai 
Hong Kong

T:  +852 31 288 288
W: Event Website

  Frieze Art Fair NY

Frieze Art Fair, NY  

May 10 – 13, 2013

Randall’s Island Park
11 am - 7 pm
New York, NY

T:  212.463.7488
W: Event Website 

  Beverly Hills Art Show in the Gardens

Beverly Hills Art Show in the Gardens

May 18 – 19, 2013

Beverly Gardens
On SM Blvd Btw Rodeo / Rexford
Beverly Hills, CA

T:  310.285.6830
W: Event Website


  James Turrell: A Retrospective

James Turrell: A Retrospective 

May 26, 2013–April 6, 2014

5905 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90036

T:  323.857.6000 
W: Event Website


  artMRKT San Francisco

artMRKT San Francisco

May 16 - 19, 2013

Fort Mason Center  
Marina Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 94123

T:  415.345.7500
W: Event Website
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