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Artist of the Month — Richard David Sigmund
Richard David Sigmund

Richard David Sigmund — Sigmund’s sculpture and drawing series find serenity amid reduced and refined geometric forms. The following is an excerpt from a recent interview with Alexandra Magnuson, Publications / Press at Gagosian Gallery, in which the Los Angeles based  Sigmund discusses his most recent Stupa sculpture series:  Image:  Stupas of Body, Plywood and lacquer, 7" round x 12" tall.

AM: You have described the act of drawing as “a meditative practice, a physical activity that focuses and then transforms energy.” What role does meditation play in your work?

RDS: I think I'd say the work itself is meditation, or at least its result; drawing for hours, sanding a sculpture, and/or painting an object. I'm working toward creating something beautiful. Focusing on the work by focusing on life, on breath, on finding a state of peace.

AM: Where did this Stupa inspiration come from?

RDS: While travelling through India a few years back, I visited the Dhamek Stupa in Sarnath. It is said to be the oldest Stupa in existence, dating back to 600 BC. By walking around the Stupa you enter into a state of meditation and through this process you receive the energy of the Buddha from within the structure.  

Attend the opening reception of Richard David Sigmund’s solo exhibition Drawing & Sculpture on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 from 5 – 9pm at Art-merge | LAB, Pacific Design Center, LA, CA.   MORE DETAILS


Art News


This is One Really Bad Dog at the Orange Co Museum of Art

Bad Dog Richard Jackson

Richard Jackson’s Bad Dog 
Courtesy Ken Steinhardt, OC Register

Newport Beach, CA - There it is - A 28-foot-tall black Labrador sculpture standing by the side wall of the Orange County Museum of Art, one leg lifted, squirting yellow paint on the museum.  BAD DOG!  The installation is part of the Richard Jackson: Ain't Painting a Pain exhibition, the first retrospective devoted to the 74-year-old artist. The naughty pup leaving its golden mark is made of 52 digitally cut pieces of fiber glass assembled on-site and a pump continuously squirting yellow paint. The dog is what Jackson calls a "painting machine". He has at least a half-dozen other painting machines as part of the exhibit, including a herd of deer statues that shoot out paintballs.  The exhibit ends May 5. "I think it's wonderful," stated an OCMA visitor.  “A lot of art lacks humor. This one, I find funny.”   MORE


A $30M Collection Discovered in a Run-Down NY Garage

$30M Collection Discovered in a Run-Down Long Island Garage

Arthur Pinajian’s garage, Bellport, NY.  He lived on property for years.   NY Times

Bellport, NY - In 2007, works of art by an obscure Armenian-American abstract impressionist, Arthur Pinajian, were discovered in a run-down property on Long Island.  Now, those works have been appraised at $30 million. Thomas Schultz and Lawrence Joseph purchased Pinajian's former cottoge for $300K to flip.  The new owners stumbled upon the massive collection  in the garage. Art historian Peter Hastings Falk states, "Pinajian painted every day, but no one saw his art. He received no reviews and no exhibitions in a New York gallery or museum.” In fact, Pinajian's work was actually meant to be dumped in the Brookhaven landfill, per the artist's request; however, his family didn't go along with the instructions. MORE  Here is the 2007 article.  MORE  


The Shocking Armory Show of 1913 Celebrates Cenntenial!  

The Armory Show Celebrates 100th Anniversay

The Armory Show: 2/17 – 3/15, 1913, 69th Street Regiment Armory, NYC.  Courtesy NY Historical Society / The Armory Show

New York, NY - In 1913, a single exhibition changed the face of American art forever. The International Exhibition of Modern Art, known as the Armory Show, endeavored to challenge both the definition and attitude toward art, and by doing so altering the course of history for American artists. Marking the end of one era and the beginning of another, The Armory Show shattered the provincial calm of American art. It rocked the public and blasted the academies. Four thousand guests visited the rooms on opening night. President Roosevelt wrote a review declaring, "That's not art!"  Among the scandalously radical works shown to Americans for the first time  in 1913 - Duchamp, Cezanne and Picasso (to name a few masters of today).   MORE


Photo of the Month - Chicago River Happy St. Patty's Day!  

Photo of the Month:  Chicago River Green

Chicago River St. Patricks Day 2010   Photographer:  Matty Wolin

Chicago, IL - For the past 50 years, the Chicago River turns green for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade celebration. In 1961, Stephen Bailey was approached by a plumber who was wearing some white coveralls mostly dyed a perfect shade of Irish green. The plumber told Bailey that dye used to detect leaks flowing into the river turned his coveralls and the WATER a perfect Irish Green.  “Can we turn the whole river green?”   Bailey asked. However, there was no recipe for dying rivers. Chicago was the first. Do you use a few handfuls of dye or a carload?  On St. Patrick’s Day 1962, 100 lbs of fluorescence dye, used by the military in rescue operations at sea, was dumped into the Chicago River – dying the river for a week!.  MORE


What's George Lucas' Next Act? 
Opening an Art Museum!

George Lucas Star Wars Concept Art

Star Wars Concept art by Ralph McQuarrie
Courtesy Huffington Post

San Francisco, CA - Just months after selling Lucas film to Disney, George Lucas is setting his sights on a new project - a San Francisco based art museum.  Lucas plans to build the museum on piece of land overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. Lucas told CBS, "Star Wars was there to inspire young people to imagine things.  The museum will serve a similar purpose.  In addition to displaying art, the museum will teach young people about the craft of storytelling.  It’s the idea of being able to paint your fantasies which is what Star Wars was -  inspiring young people to imagine things, to imagine going anywhere in the universe and using your imagination to entertain yourself.”   MORE


LACMA has Eyes for MOCA - But MOCA is Eyeing the NGA

LACMA’s Eyes are on MOCA – Offer Made.

JR for MOCA's Art in the Streets / Photo: Brandon Shigetal.  Courtesy NY Times

Los Angeles, CA - The news from LA’s museum world is something of a roller-coaster. First, LACMA officially submitted a bid at the end of Feb. offering to merge with the troubled MOCA. The merger seemed promising for a few days — until the National Gallery of Art in D.C. announced they were working out an agreement with MOCA, at the behest of MOCA board member Eli Broad.  While a merger of the cities chief cultural institutions has made sense to some, others have mourned the prospect of MOCA losing its independence.  “The goal at this point is stabilizing them and get them standing as an independent institution,” said John Wilmerding, chairman of the NGA. “We’d like to see them survive and thrive.”    MORE

TKOart Projects
Hand Blown Glass Chandelier  

Custom Hand Blown Glass Chandelier

The Chihuly inspired and TKOart designed Chandelier makes an impressive presence in the foyer of our client’s private residence in Chino Hills. Weighing in at 900 lbs, 8 ft tall and 6 ft wide, the chandelier is constructed of  415 hand blown glass elements.   TKO reinforced the foyer ceiling in order to safely handle the weight of the chandelier and automated the armature - the structure holding the elements. The custom electric winch system automatically lowers and raises the chandelier for cleaning and maintenance with a flip of a switch.

Installation Day - The new elements arrived at the property carefully packed in labeled boxes identifying the various glass shapes: Horns, pods, grapes, etc. Three installers spent 3 plus days completing the installation. After removing the elements from their shipping boxes, the installers cleaned, polished and displayed each piece on the floor following a design pattern created by TKOart. After completing the pre-planning steps, the installers individually wired each glass form to the armature, from bottom to top, to create an overlapping effect. To observers standing below, each aspect of the chandelier seems to be a part of a breathtaking aerial performance while the walls of the foyer dance with fractured colored light – Magnificent!

The Villa  

Villa Ventia
Costa Mesa, CA

Working as part of the team that took Villa Venetia from a 3 star to a 5 star multi-resident property, TKO created and placed over 400 pieces of art and custom mirrors. As part of the comprehensive remodeling, TKO utilized artists from around the country, commissioning site-specific original artwork for high visibility public areas.

The apartment homes at Villa Venetia feature open, contemporary floor plans, in home washer/dryers, large balconies, hardwood-style flooring, upgraded lighting fixtures, and custom plumbing fixtures. The upgraded kitchens are finished in granite, and have stainless steel appliances and glass-tile backsplashes. For more information about Villa Venetia, please click here.



Palazzo Venetian Las Vegas Year of Snake  

98' Foot Year of Snake ..."A hit!"
Venetian / Palazzo, Las Vegas, NV

For this year’s Chinese New Year display, TKO fabricated a 98' Snake for the Venetian / Palazzo, Las Vegas and she proved quite a hit!  The Palazzo named the adorable snake Sophie Chow.  Through February 25th, guest could watch Sophie Chow lounging in a peach tree while winking and sticking out her tongue - All in the name of good fortune. 

The peach tree featured 193,600 flowers and stood 38 feet tall. Over by the waterfall, gold and red lanterns hung down and I Ching coins representing wealth were married to the landscape. The effect was tremendously eye-catching. The Palazzo informed Vegas Chatter, “according to the Feng Shui master, it is recommended that guests walk clockwise around the tree and snake display three times to bring blessings of Heaven, Earth and Mankind upon them."

The Palazzo created a behind-the-scenes video of the installation. 
Courtesy:  Venetian International / Las Vegas Chatter.  (Text edited by TKOart).  MORE



Notable Art Fairs and Events
  International Art Expo New York 2013

 International Art Expo

 March 22 - 25, 2013


 Pier 92  
 711 12th Ave
 New York, NY 10019

 T:  440.724.2204


  Art Fair Tokyo 2013

 Art Fair Tokyo 

 March 22 – 24, 2013


 Tokyo International Forum
 5-1 Marunouchi 3-chome 
 Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 100-0005 Japan

 T:  81-(0)3-5808-1451


  Bill Brandt Shadow and Light

 Bill Brandt: Shadow and Light  

 March 6 – August 12, 2013


 Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
 11 West 53 Street 
 New York, NY 10019-5497

 T:  212.708.9400


  Richard Jackson's Ain't Painting a Pain

 Richard Jackson's Ain't Painting a Pain

 Ends May 5, 2013

 Orange County Museum of Art
 850 San Clemente Drive
 Newport Beach, CA 92

 T:  949.759.1122


  Books & Co  Ed Ruscha

 Books & Co. / Ed Ruscha 

 March 5 - April 27, 2013

 Gagosian Gallery
 980 Madison Avenue
 New York, NY 10075

 T:  212.744.2313 


  WAR/PHOTOGRAPHY: Images of Armed Conflict and Its Aftermath


March 23, 2013 - June 2, 2013

Annenberg Space for Photography  
2000 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067

 T:  213.403.3000
 W: Click Here
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