New “Editions” by Harry Moody

We love Harry Moody and during a recent studio visit, Harry showed us these incredible “Editions”. All oil on canvas with a four color process of applying and removing.

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Hank Moody's Edition 10

When we hear the word “editions”, most of us immediately think of a reproduction from the original generally numbered and signed by the artist. Harry has a different approach. In the following, Harry defines “editions” and shares his creative process. A great read!

“Editions”: The creative process

by: Harry Moody


1) The canvas sheet is divided into 3 fields ( or rectangles) of different colors going left to right. I apply the colors using a brush. Each field is considered 1 step so this would be a total of 3 steps

and 3 colors.

2) As long as the colors are still wet a trowel the exact width of the sheet a 4th color is applied starting about 1/4 down from the top. This 4 pigment is pulled all the way down to the bottom of the sheet. Obviously the colors have blended and mixed. This would be the 4th step.

3) Step 5 is using the same trowel with the mixed and blended paint starting this time all the way from the top of the sheet and pulling down through until the bottom has been passed.

Harry States, “I call them editions because of the 5-step process even though the result is always different. The paint, most times the thickness, the number of motions or steps are always the same yet the outcome remains unpredictable. Kinda like everything else in life so the word maybe that’s why the word “surprise” was invented ???”


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